The Desert Care Philosophy

Each property that Desert Care manages is maintained to the highest industry standard. Operating within the framework of your budget, we will work to maximize curb appeal while ensuring the health and value of your landscape are protected.

Our Core Business

Desert Care proudly serves clients across retail, commercial, and HOA properties. Our team’s expertise spans all aspects of landscape maintenance as well as landscape enhancement and construction.

Our Approach

Based on the unique needs of each client, we adapt our contracts and services to fit. We work with our clients to understand their requirements, budgets, and standards so that we exceed expectations.

Our Standards

We continuously invest in our people, equipment, and procedures to maintain industry-leading levels of customer service. Our team members are obsessed with quality and work proactively to ensure client satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Desert Care will deliver a responsive and well-trained staff, a clear and considered plan, and above all, a noticeable improvement to your property.

The Desert Care Team

One of the distinctive advantages Desert Care has is our Leadership team. When you choose Desert Care and begin to work with our team, you’ll notice the difference. These rock stars make a difference to our cherished clients each and every day. We’re delighted to introduce them to you.

Desert Care Services

We deliver value by combining dedicated client engagement and communication with the knowledge and capabilities required to address every landscape need on your property.